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Piano Lessons for Homeschoolers in the East Valley, Arizona

Tammie has been a long time supporter of the home schooling community since 1991, when she began homeschooling her own children! She continued to educate her children until they all graduated high school. She is continuing to support and be involved in the homeschooling community.

Tammie's Music Studio also offers piano lessons for homeschoolers earlier in the day during school hours!

Parents who are wanting their children to have a serious music education are loving the piano lessons offered here! It can be very difficult finding piano lessons that offer a great music education while keeping lessons fun and non-stressful!

Wondering what Tammie's Music Studio's piano lessons are all about?

Tammie has been teaching piano lessons to students of all ages, from 4 all the way to adult piano lessons, for over 25 years! Part of what makes her such a highly sought out piano instructor is the fact that she gives quality piano lessons. She strives to make sure all of her students become proficient in sight-reading, music theory, technique and well studied in classical music. Many parents are loving being able to give their children the opportunity to receive such an excellent music education!

Helping students reach their goals is one of Tammie's Music Studio's primary goals, next to making sure they become proficient pianists of course. Many of their students have gone on to become pianists for their church bands, local bands, compete in beauty competitions (piano being their talent), including competing in Miss Arizona competition, perform at the AFHE graduation ceremonies etc..

Tammie's Music Studio is NOT limited to one style of musical study either! Students wishing to learn different styles of music can find the lessons they need here. If you're looking to learn to play classical music, pop, broadway, rock or any other genre; you've come to the right place!

Wanting a great environment for your kids to learn to play the piano?

Tammie's strives to make sure all her students have a great atmosphere to learn to play the piano. She believes students learn best in a calm and encouraging environment! She believes that students are able to thrive and develop a passion to learn when there is not strict and harsh teaching methods used with students.

Students are also encouraged to be involved in their lessons. Tammie holds formal recitals during the year for students to showcase what they have learned. Letting them be involved in picking out their recital pieces helps students become excited for lessons and improving their skill levels. These formal recitals also give them the opportunity to become confident performers as well as entertain family members and friends!

Students of all ages adore taking lessons at Tammie's Music Studio!

One method does NOT fit all! Tammie has long known that different students need different training styles and methods. Tammie's Music Studio proudly offers piano lessons for preschoolers, piano lessons geared for teenagers, beginner piano lessons, advanced piano lessons, piano lessons for adults, and classical piano lessons.

Tammie's Music Studio is able to help students from beginning to end of their music education. Because of the incredible experience and skill that the piano teachers have here, they are able to continue teaching students at an advance level.

Come check us out Today!!

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