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Beginner - Advance Lessons


When you are taking music lessons technique is extremely important to a student's overall level of success! All of our piano, guitar and drum lessons include learning proper technique. Learning correct technique will help you with the speed, precision, agility and accuracy when you are playing your instrument. Without proper technique mastery over your instrument is impossible. Students wishing to compete or major in music in college will need to know how to execute their technique properly.

  • Major Scales (multiple octaves)

  • Minor Scales (multiple octaves)

  • Major Arpeggios (multiple octaves)

  • Minor Arpeggios (multiple octaves)

  • Major Primary Chord Progressions

  • Minor Primary Chord Progressions

  • Major Primary Chord Inversions

  • Minor Primary Chord Inversions

  • Rhythm

  • Tempo

  • Timing with the metronome

  • Correct Posture

  • Correct Pedalling

  • Touch & Tone

  • Fingering

  • Dynamics

"Don't practice until you get it right.

Practice until you can't get it wrong."


How Important Is Technique?

Without proper technique, students will lack the ability to play to their full potential. Mastering the art of technique on the piano, guitar or drums will give students the tools they need to excel with their instrument. Playing a piece of music and being able to play it technically correct will make a huge difference in every musician, piece of music performed and the skill level that students are able to reach.

Benefits of Learning Technique

  • Speed

  • Agility

  • Accuracy

  • Expression

  • Muscle Memory

  • Mastery of your instrument

Our Music Teachers

All of our Music Teachers are extrememly talented with many years of both playing and teaching experience. They take the time and effort to make sure that each student is able to grasp the technique that they are being taught. Whether you are interested in piano, guitar or drum lessons our music teachers customize each lessons depending on how each student learns and the pace at which they will progress. Our Music Teachers work with beginner to advance students helping them perfect their technique on their chosen instrument.

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