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Virtual Piano Lessons

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Virtual piano lessons are the perfect option for students with crazy lives! You will be working one on one with a skilled piano teacher that will help make your dreams of learning the piano come true! You will be learning all the skills of technique and piano genres from the convenience of your home via Skype or Face Time. What you will need?

  • An instrument -Piano/Keyboard

  • Streaming Device - Phone/Tablet

  • Piano Books (Recommended by your Piano Teacher)

  • Skype or Facetime

Music Theory

Piano lessons include learning music theory. Students will be learning to read both staffs, as well as identifying and labeling chords and scales. Piano theory will also be including learning the meaning of tempo marks, dynamics and time signatures and how to apply them. Students will also be learning how to write notes, chords, scales, analyze piano music etc.





Technique will include learning all scales. chords, arpeggios. Students will learn how to properly use the metronome, correct hand posture and tone. Our piano teachers also customize each lesson to make sure that all our piano students are able to have a strong grasp on the technique they are learning.

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