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Music theory for piano, guitar and drum lessons in Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler Az. Beginners through Advance Students.



Beginner - Advance Lessons

All of our Music Teachers here at Tammie's Music Studio have a very extensive knowledge of Music Theory and have been passing on that knowledge to their students  in Mesa, Gilbert and surrounding cities in Az since 1991. All piano, guitar and drum lessons include music theory as a part of each student's lesson. Having a strong foundation in music theory is one of the key factors of success when it comes to learning how to play the piano, guitar, drums or any other musical instrument. Students will be learning the following during their music lessons:


  • Reading Notes on Staff

  • Drawing Notes on Staff

  • Writing Scales, Chords, Arpeggios

  • Labeling Scales, Chords, Arpeggios

  • Modes

  • Dynamic Marks

  • Tempo Marks

  • Terms

  • Ornaments

  • Music Symbols

  • Key Signatures

  • Time Signatures

  • Circle of Fifths

  • Order of Sharps

  • Order of Flats

  • Major and Minor Keys

  • Intervals

  • Rhythm and Counting

  • Notes and Note Relationships

  • Rests and Rest Relationships

  • Analyzing Music

  • Notating Music

  • Transposing Music

  • Compostition

  • Unique Styles to different Periods

  • Phrasing

  • Scale Degrees

  • Sight Reading

  • Ear Training

  • Cadences

Is Music Theory Necessary?

Students who learn music theory are able to grasp concepts at a more rapid rate than students who do not. They are also able to retain what they learned. Students excell to a higher level in music with a music theory education. You will also need to know music theory if you wish to be in church worship bands, bands, compete or major in music in college.

Benefits Of Music Theory

  • Progress in your instrument at a faster pace.

  • Develope excellent sight reading skills.

  • Reading and writing music.

  • Performing music accurately.

  • Understanding Chord Progressions.

  • Being able to perform all styles of music.

  • Understanding and applying musical terms and notations.

  • Allows more oppertunity for growth.

Our Music Teachers

Our Music Teachers are all very knowledgeable in Music Theory! Knowing that Music Theory is the key to being able to read, understand and play music, our Music Teachers help guide every student from beginner to advance to understand music theory. Customizing lessons to fit each individual students style of learning. From basic music theory for beginners all the way through advance music theory our teachers can help you reach a level of excellence!

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