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Piano Lessons for Intermediate-Advanced Students

Piano lessons for advanced students in Mesa, Az

Our piano teachers are extremely skilled and ready to help our students reach the next level. Advanced piano students will be continuing with their music education and continue to grow with advanced music theory, technique, performance, classical training and other music genres that the student wishes to learn. As students grow in their music education they will also be learning advanced classical music and how to articulate and understand ornaments, dynamics, tone and correct phrasing in the music. Our knowledgeable Piano Instructors help students build an impressive repertoire of advanced music. We also offer formal recitals during the year for our students to showcase their advancing skills and repertoire.

Music Theory​

Our piano lessons for advanced students include advanced music theory. Students who decide to major or minor in music in college are ready for  music theory classes and can even test into higher levels. Students will be able to analyze music as well as write music if that is their desire. Having a strong background in music theory will help sight reading abilities as well.





Intermediate – advanced piano lessons push your technique to the next level. You will be learning to play scales and arpeggios, both Major and minor keys, multiple octaves as well as Major and minor chord cadences to memory. One of the key elements to becoming an advanced and skillful pianist is mastery over your technique.


Many of our advanced piano students have applied their skills in many ways including: majoring in music, performing in church bands, performing in bands, competing in music competitions, talent shows, formal ceremonies and pageants.

Check out how we help our piano student's become accomplished pianists! With our advanced piano lessons in the East Valley! We want to help you succeed.

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