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Piano Lessons For Beginners

Piano lessons for beginners in Mesa and Gilbert, Az

Whether you are looking to enroll your child in piano lessons, or you are an adult looking to fulfill your dream of learning to play the piano. We customize each piano lesson to fit each student’s individual need, age, style of learning and skill level. All lessons include technique, theory, sight reading, ear training, performance, classical training as well as any genre the student wishes to learn. Knowing that learning a new instrument can be intimidating, all our teachers work with students to make sure that they are able to understand and feel comfortable with the speed at which new information is being taught.

Music Theory

Piano lessons for beginners include learning basic music theory. Students will be learning to read both staffs, as well as identifying and labeling chords and scales. Beginner piano theory will also be including learning the meaning of tempo marks, dynamics and time signatures and how to apply them. Students will also be learning how to write notes, chords, scales etc.





Technique will include learning Major scales in one octave as well as Major cadences. Students will learn how to properly use the metronome, correct hand posture and tone. Our piano teachers also customize each lesson to make sure that all our beginner piano students are able to have a strong grasp on the technique they are learning.

Our passion is to make sure that our students receive a strong education in the piano as well as an enjoyment to play. We offer formal recitals during the year for students to perform and showcase their repertoire.

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