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3419 East Diamond Avenue, Mesa, AZ 85204

Tel: 602-628-6549

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


If you can't find an answer to your question on this FAQ page, please contact us via phone or email and we will get back to you quickly!

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What instruments are taught at Tammie's Music Studio?


Tammie's Music Studio teaches sudents on the following instruments:  piano, guitar, and drums.




How long have the teachers at Tammie's Music Studio been teaching and playing instruments?


  • Piano Teacher: Tammie has been teaching piano for over 21 years but has been playing piano for over 42 years.

  • Guitar Teacher:  Marcus has been teaching guitar for over 7 years but has been playing for over 13 years.

  • Drum Teacher:  "Drum Teacher Coming soon"




How long has Tammie's Music Studio been in business?


Tammie's Music  Studio has been in business since 2007 but has been teaching piano, guitar, and drum lessons for over 21 years.  If you are seeking a top-rated, highly qualified, and gifted piano, guitar, or drum teacher to take lessons from, come to Tammie's Music Studio.




What makes the teachers at Tammie's Music Studio so much more qualified than other music studios in Arizona?


All of our music teachers are extremely passionate about thier instrument and teaching. Knowing how to reach each student to help them reach thier potential is something very important to us. To find out more click here.





How do I or my child get signed up for piano, guitar, or drum lessons?


You can sign up for piano, guitar or drum lessons by contacting us by the follow:




Where is Tammie's Music Studio located?


Tammie's Music Studio is located in Mesa, Az.. Cross-streets  are Val Vista & Southern.




Is there a registration fee for signing up?


We do not charge any registration fees for music lessons.




What is the tuition cost for piano, guitar, or drum lessons and when is it due?


Tuition is due by the 1st of each month.


  • 30min lessons are $120 a month.

  • 45min lessons are $180 a month.

  • 60min lessons are $240 a month.

Tuition is based off of  4 weeks a month. The teacher reserves the right to use their 4 weeks off through the year.




Can I take a piano, guitar, or drum trial lesson before committing to the whole month?


We offer a trial lesson for $30 if you wish to meet the teachers and try a lesson before committing to the month.




What forms of payment are accepted?


Currently we only accept cash or check for tuition payments.




At what age can I or my child start taking piano, guitar, or drum lessons?


Tammie’s Music Studio has been teaching children as young as 3 years old to play the piano. A lot of parents have noticed their child’s being more scholastically advanced when beginning school having started their children in piano at an early age 3/4 years old.


Guitar lessons and drum lessons it is recommended to wait until the 7-8 year age due to the physical capabilities needed to play those instruments.




Does Tammie's Music Studio specalize in teaching children with special needs?


Tammie’s Music Studio believes that everyone can enjoy learning to play the piano. Having helped many students who have had ADHD, Aspergers, Autism, and other learning disabilities learn and enjoy the benefits of playing the piano. Many parents have noticed improvement in their child’s schooling after continued piano lessons.




I'm an adult with no piano, guitar, or drum experience.  Can I still be great at playing an instrument?


Music lessons are just as beneficial for adults as they are for children. It is never too late for someone to learn how to play an instrument. Many adults enjoy learning to play the piano or guitar as a source of great self-improvement, a calming hobby and keeping their memory sharp.




Do I need to be present during my child's lesson time?


You do not need to stay during your child's music lesson. You can feel free to drop them off for their music lesson. If you do wish to stay please be curtious to the student and limit it to one person who does not take lessons. Having many people in the room during lessons distracts and intimidates the student making it harder for them to learn and excel.




How long of a lesson should I or my child have?


30 min piano, guitar or drum lessons are recommended for beginners/early intermediate. If you are an older beginner and wish to progress at a faster rate you also have the option for longer lessons.


45-60 min piano, guitar or drum lessons are recommended for late intermediate/advance students as well as adults. As a student progresses they will have more technique and longer more difficult pieces that will take longer to play through. If a student does not have an adequate amount of lesson time they will not be able to progress as fast as they would wish to.




Are there music lessons on holidays?


Your music lessons are available for you to attend on all holidays except for the week of Thanksgiving and Christmas, Tammie's Music Studio will be closed during those 2 weeks. Because there are no extra charges for for the 4 months out of the year where there are 5 weeks, there are no deductions.




Can I use a keyboard to practice with?


You can you a keyboard for practice, however as your skill improves you might out grow some keyboards. If you want a keyboard you will not out grow, the keyboard should include these features:


  • Full-sized keyboard 88 keys

  • Weighted Keys

  • Sustain Pedal




Does Tammie's Music Studio support and teach lessons to homeschooling families?


Tammie’s Music Studio has been a long time supporter of Home Education and heavily involved since 1992. Tammie has catered to the homeschooling community by offering piano and guitar lessons during school hours.




Do I need to have a piano, guitar, or drum before enrolling in lessons?


It is recommended that you have a piano and drums so that you can advance. You will need a guitar before your first lesson.




Where can I buy or rent a piano, guitar, or drum?


You can rent pianos at My First Piano. If you are looking to buy a piano visit AZ Piano for high quality pianos at a great price. Visit Guitar Center if you are looking for high quality keyboards, drums, accustic guitars and electric guitars.




What will I learn during my piano, guitar, or drum lessons?


All lessons include music theory, thechnique, performance, sight reading, ear training and any genre of music that the student wishes to learn. All music lessons are customized to fit each student's individual style of learning, skill level and age.




Do you teach beginner, intermediate, or advanced piano, guitar, and drum lessons?


Tammie’s Music Studio welcomes any skill level from beginner or no experience to advance levels.




What types of music is taught at Tammie's Music Studio?


All lessons are tailored to fit the individual need and desire of each student (and their parents). Although recommended that you still dedicate a portion of your musical studies to classical music all genres are taught here including: pop, rock, jazz, blues, contemporary etc.


Classical music is very important especially if your child ever wishes to compete or major in music in college. Students who have been classically trained tend to have an easier time sight reading and find it easier to play other genres of music.




Do your music teachers teach music theory?


All of our lessons include music theory. We believe that with a strong background in music theory the student will excel at a more rapid pace than a student who does not have studies in music theory. You will also find that reading and understanding music will be much easier as you advance in your studies. If a student is heading to college for studies in music someday, they will be grateful that they already have knowledge in music theory.




How long will it take before I see noticable results in playing the piano, guitar, or drums?


Learning to play an instrument is like any other talent. You will always be learning new things. Every day that you practice you will see yourself excelling at a different technique or piece of music. The more that you practice the faster you will excel.




Do I need to bring my own guitar, keyboard or drums to my lessons?


You will need to bring your guitar to your lessons.

If you are taking piano or drum lessons you will not need to bring your instrument.




How many times a week do lessons occur?


Music lessons occur once a week.




Do my piano, guitar or drum lessons continue through the summer?


Piano, guitar and drum lessons do continue through the summer. Like any skill that you are learning, it is important, if you wish to continue to improve that you do not take long breaks. You will not lose everything that you have learned but you will find yourself back tracking when you resume lessons.




How often should I or my child be practing?


Practice will vary depending on the age, skill level and desire of each individual. During lessons it will be recommended how often you should be practicing and of course there is no limit on how long you can enjoy playing your music. The more time that you spend practicing the faster you will see yourself improve!




How often do recitals happen?


Tammie’s Music Studio offers two formal recitals through the year for students taking piano, guitar and drum lessons to perform in. Students performing in the recitals will be working on their selected pieces during the musical semester preceding the recital they will be performing in. Tammie's Music Studio - Recitals




How much does it cost to participate in a piano, guitar, or drum recital?


There is a $20 recital fee per student.




Are recitals only for children or can adults partcipate in recitals as well?


Recitals are open to all students of all ages and skill level who are enrolled during the semester.




How do I cancel a piano, guitar, or drum lesson?


If you need to miss a lesson you can contact your instructor via email or phone. If you forget to let your teacher know it's not a problem, because it is your reserved lesson time.




Do I get a refund or credit if I cancel a piano, guitar, or drum lesson?


Every student is reserving their lesson slot that is strictly reserved for their lesson time. If a student cancels a lesson, their reserved time slot will remain open for them should they decide to come, it will not be booked by another student. Because of this, there are no make-ups or credits for absent lessons. - There is also no extra charge for five week months.




How do I purchase a piano, guitar, or drum gift certificate for a friend, family member, or fellow music enthusiast?


We do not currently offer gift certificates, however you can arrange to pay tuition for a student.