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Tammie's Music Studio is proud to showcase our piano students' talents during our recitals through the year! We offer two formal recitals one in the Spring and one in the Fall for student's to participate in. Student's are required to be enrolled through the semester working on their recital repertoire in order to participate. We allow all of our students to help in the decision of thier performance pieces, making each recital extremely exciting and new for our students! Recitals will include a large variety of music, from Classical, Pop, Rock, Jazz etc.


  • Admission is FREE to attend.

  • Recital fee per participating student is $20.

  • Students 4 years old - Adults are welcome to participate.

  • Beginner - advance piano and guitar students.

  • Remember to bring your repertoire with you.

  • You will be given your program your music lesson prior to the recital.


Upcoming Music Recitals

Saturday, October 19th, at 1:30pm

Location - My First Piano

1818 E Southern Ave #5a, Mesa, AZ 85204

Tammie's Music Studio's 2015 Fall Recital invites students, family and friends to come and enjoy all the hard work that all of our talented piano students have done this semester!

Saturday, April 4th, at 1:30pm

Location - My First Piano

1818 E Southern Ave #5a, Mesa, AZ 85204


Spring is here and Tammie's Music Studio is proud to present our Annual Spring Recital! Music students, family and friends please come and enjoy all our talented piano students!

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For any additional questions about our Recitals, please feel free to contact us!

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