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Teachers Autobiography


Tammie's Music Studio offers lessons in piano to students in the Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler and surrounding cities in AZ. All our music teachers are extremely passionate about music and you can often find them performing at local venues around the East Valley. The teachers here love music and wish to share that love and passion with others wishes to learn to play the piano.

The piano teachers are highly qualified and have had musical experience for 20+ years. Students have gone on to major in music in college, perform in church bands, compete in music competitions and talent shows, become music teachers themselves and have even become performers. I welcome the opportunity to teach music to all, including those whom may have learning disabilities. I have experience teaching piano lessons to students who are slow learners, ADHD and other types of disabilities. Some of the most talented individuals can excel beyond their disabilities and truly express themselves through the medium of music.

Piano lessons include individualized instruction focused on performance, theory, technique, sight reading and ear training. For those interested in performing opportunities, formal recitals are held twice a year. Piano lessons may be taken by students of all ages. Piano lessons may be taken as young as 4 years old. Many adults find it beneficial to begin piano lessons as well - realizing that doing so improves focus, mental clarity, memory, fine motor skills, hand coordination and confidence - just to name a few. I strive to provide a patient and encouraging learning experience.


Tammie has been a longtime supporter and member of the homeschool community and knows how welcome it is to be able to have extracurricular activities available during school hours for convenience. Also knowing how important a strong music education in piano is to homeschooling families, we strive to help each student reach their goals. Giving private piano lessons for homeschoolers in Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler and surrounding cities in the East Valley since 1991, our homeschooling students have excelled in their chosen instrument and have gone on to college with advanced theory knowledge as well as being able to perform at college level.

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