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Piano Lessons for Homeschoolers

Quality Piano Lessons for Homeschoolers in Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler Tempe Az and surrounding cities!

One of the perks of homeschooling is that you have the flexability to excel in music because you have the time to put in the practice and effort. Tammie's Music Studio offers quality piano, guitar and drum lessons for anyone insterested in a serious music education. All lessons include:

  • Music Theory

  • Technique

  • Performance

  • Eair Training

Tammie's Music Studio offers music lessons earlier in the day starting at 11am for homeschooling families!

Tammie has been a long time supporter of the homeschool community in Arizona since 1993 when she started homeschooling her own children. She continued homeschooling all her children through high school.

If you are looking to begin your child's piano education, we can help you achieve your goals. Whether you are wanting your child to have a serious classical piano education or a fun experience where they can learn the styles of music they are interested in learning, we customize each student's lessons to fit their desired needs and learning styles. Our piano lessons are offered to students as young as 4 years old and students of all skill levels from beginner to advanced piano lessons.


Many of our homeschooling piano students have also strived to become the pianist in thier church worship teams or youth groups. We have also helped prepare them for performing in competitions, pageants and the homeschooling graduation ceremonies.


Our Piano Teachers are dedicated to helping your child succeed and become a great pianist. Having years of experience playing and teaching piano, also a strong background in music theory we can help your child prepare for whatever musical endeavors they wish to pursue.

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