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Piano Lessons For Preschoolers

piano lessons for toddlers and preschoolers in mesa, gilbert, chandler, tempe az

We offer piano lessons for preschoolers, that are geared to help the young body and mind learn to play the piano!

Piano Lessons For Preschool Children Include

Our piano lessons for preschoolers are uniquely tailored lessons to help very young piano students learn to play the piano. Piano lessons will include all the aspects of a great piano education.


  • Music Theory

  • Technique

  • Performance

  • Ear Training

  • Sight Reading

  • Classical Training

  • Recitals

If your child is between the ages of 4 - 5 years old, our piano lessons for preschoolers is perfect for the young beginner! We go at a learning pace that fits the needs of each individual child and their age. We offer both Classical Piano Lessons and Contempory Piano Lessons for preschoolers.


Formal recitals are held twice a year, Spring and Fall, for students to participate in.


Piano Lessons for preschoolers are offered earlier in the day starting at 11am.

Benefits For Starting Your Preschooler In Piano Lessons

Having your preschooler take piano lessons can help benefit them for the rest of their lives and give them a huge advantage in their musical training.  Children who learn to play the piano at an early age find it much easier to learn other instruments and are able to become advanced pianists at an earlier age. It also gives benefits to other aspects of life.

  • Fine Motor Skills

  • Increased Attention Span and Focus

  • Following Directions

  • Self Confidence

  • Memory

  • Understanding Concepts

  • Creativity

  • Improved Language Abilities

  • Teaches Discipline and Patience

Getting Your Preschooler Ready For Piano Lessons

If your child is not quite 3 years old yet but you are wanting to get them ready to start their piano education there a some things you can do to help them be prepared.


  • Work with your child recognizing numbers 1-5

  • Help your child with recognizing letters A-G

Our Piano Teachers For Preschoolers

Our Piano Teachers believe that given the right  method and guidence a preschooler will be able to learn to play the piano. With years of teaching experience our tailored lessons that are customized for preschoolers will help create a fun atmosphere while your child begins their amazing music education. Working at each child's pace to help them learn is a joy that love to share with families in the East Valley.

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