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Classical Piano Lessons

 What Are Classical Piano Lessons
Student's in the East Valley, Arizona who are wanting to have a serious music education will want to have their studies focusing on Classical Music. You will enjoy growing in your abilities while learning to play a large and accomplished repertoire of Classical Music, including all Four Classical Music Periods:
Baroque Period
Classical Period
Romantic Period
Modern Classical
Skill Level Needed To Take Classical Piano
Any student from beginner to advanced students can choose to have a classical piano education.  Students will be evaluated to see what level they will begin their classical piano studies.
Our Classical Piano Teachers
Our Classical Piano Teachers are highly accomplished in the Classical Composers, along with the music theory and technique needed to help students become skilled pianists. Piano lessons are customized to fit the need of each student and their learning styles.
Classical Piano Lessons Include
  • Learning Scales, Chords, Appeggios, etc.
  • Proper Technique
  • Music Theory (Beginner - Advanced)
  • Learn all four Classical Periods
  • Opportunity to perform in two formal recitals a year
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