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Will My Four Year Old Be Able To Learn The Piano?

PIano Lessons for Preschoolers in Mesa, az

Can My Preschooler Learn To Play The Piano?

One of the biggest questions that are asked is, "Do you teach four year olds? What is the youngest that you teach?" It is so great that parents believe in the importance of giving their children an early exposure to music education by enrolling them in piano lessons. Learning to play the piano at such an early age gives so many benefits to the child and it is so amazing to be able to say you've been playing the piano since before you can remember!

Before enrolling your preschooler in piano lessons you will want to ensure a few things for your child first. That your child is able to follow directions and are able to have an attention span that lasts about 30min. Piano lessons are fun, and playing music makes that time go by fast, but they will still have to sit their for 30 minutes. Learning to play music your child will have to know their number 1-5 and also their alphabet A-G. They do not need to know how to write them, but it will help greatly if your child can recognize them on paper. Because young beginners will take a some time learning to play music with finger numbers and then note names.

Setting Expectations

Not all children are ready at four years old to start taking piano lessons however, and it's important for the child that they are ready otherwise it is a very tedious task for the child. If, as a parent, you're willing to help your child keep up with practice at home, most young children thrive taking piano lessons. Let's face it, you probably don't know many four year olds that are task oriented and good at keeping a schedule. Sitting down with your young child as they practice their assignments at home is a great way to ensure that your child thrives at learning to play the piano. It is also great bonding time! Talk about a win/win situation!

How To Help Your Child

Knowing that you, as a parent want to give your child every advantage, including piano lessons at such an early age; it is important to remember that they are still very young and to set your expectations on a practical level. You should not be expecting your child to be a concert pianist by the age of five. It is very wonderful when young students are knowing their notes on the staff and understand rhythm. It is very impressive when young students have great technique and understand dynamics. Children are still learning to develop their fine motor skills and taking piano lessons does help with refining those skills as well, but we must remember that they are still learning. Realizing that your child is progressing and encouraging that rather than setting unrealistic expectations will greatly benefit your child. They will be so happy that they are making you proud and it will help keep them from dreading to play the piano and get burned out on learning to play the piano.

As a Piano Teacher with over 25 years of teaching experience I know first hand how fun it can be for young children who are taking piano lessons, and on the other hand I've had quite a few adults telling me how miserable it was taking piano lessons as a child. I thoroughly believe in giving an excellent music education in an encouraging and kind atmosphere; not only for our young students and beginners, but students of all ages and skill levels. It is a strong belief of mine that it is hard to learn anything with too much pressure and harshness. I have had the honor of seeing so many of my students excel in a variety of different aspects of music including performing, higher education, careers and an overall love of playing music!

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