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Top Rated Piano Lessons for Special Needs Children in Az

Looking for a Piano Studio that works with special needs in Az

Tammie's Music Studio has been giving quality piano lessons to student's of all ages and skill levels in the East Valley for over 25 years! Tammie has also developed different styles and methods of teaching different students from preschoolers to adult piano lessons. She has had many years of experience working with different special need children and tailoring lessons that fit each individual student's learning style.

Can I learn how to play the piano have dyslexia?

Yes! Although it can be frustrating for you as a student who is wanting to pick up quickly and just play the piano already, taking piano lessons with a teacher who is a skilled piano teacher, and also having many years experience of working with people who have dyslexia can make learning to play the piano a much more enjoyable experience. Working with each students pace of learning and having a laid back and calm atmosphere helps students to be able to learn to play the piano without the stress that they are not playing fast enough. It's ok to make a mistake or not understand a concept that is what your piano teacher is there to help you with, as many times as you need help with it.

I have a child who would love to learn to play the piano who has Autism or Aspergers.

Where there is a passion to learn to play the piano, you can become great! All it ever takes is patience, passion and practice.... especially practice. Sometimes children with Autism or Aspergers just click with the piano and it is extremely easy, and sometimes it takes practice (just like everyone else). Tammie's Music Studio provides a very calm, patient and fun learning environment, working at the speed the each student feels comfortable progressing at.

My child has ADD or ADHD, will they be able to focus during lessons to learn how to play the piano?

Having ADD or ADHD can have short attention spans or trouble focusing for long periods of time. Having worked with students of all types Tammie strives to help students learn how to focus during their lessons. She also keeps lessons fun by learning different styles of music during lessons to help keep children engaged during their piano lessons. Students are also encouraged to be involved in helping pick out music for their recital pieces and goals that they have with where they want to be with the piano. Whether they want to learn how to play Beethoven and Chopin, Broadway music, pop or rock music; Tammie's Music Studio will help students reach their goals, no matter what they are!

Is it possible to learn how to play the piano having Cerebral Palsy?

Tammie has helped students learn how to play the piano who have Cerebral Palsy, depending on how mild the case is. For some students it has even been a great source of physical therapy for them.

My child is extremely shy and gets so nervous around people, could they excel at piano lessons?

Learning how to play the piano should always be a great experience! Here at Tammie's Music Studio we strive to make it that way for everyone. Having had students who a clinically diagnosed with extreme shyness, bipolar, manic depressed; learning how to play the piano can be a great (and soothing) therapy. Music is known to be able to be uplifting and our teachers love teaching and making it a great experience for each individual student and working with them to make their lessons perfect for them!

If you would like to learn how to play the piano, we would love to help you achieve your dream!!

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