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Are Group Piano Classes Better Than Private Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons In The East Valley

What's the hype with Group Piano Classes???

Seems like group piano classes are becoming a more popular music class that is offered now a days. With it being cheaper than formal private piano lessons more people are opting to give it a try... so is it the best method to learn how to play the piano? So here's a few of the reasons people are loving group piano classes:

  • They are cheaper per class.

  • Parents can have a few of their kids take classes at the same time, instead of having to wait for each child to have a private lesson.

  • It is more social.

  • There's less pressure.

Individual Attention is Key to customizing lessons for each student's unique learning style and needs.

Why do private piano lessons cost a little more? You are getting your Piano Instructors full attention during the entire time of your lesson. This gives them the ability to access your needs as a student and the lessons are adjusted to just your needs, and what you would like to get out of your lessons.

It can take a few lessons, private one-on-one lessons, for your instructor to connect with your learning needs and develop the best way to go forward with your lessons. With group classes the focus is on keep up with the lesson of the day.

Keeping up with the class?

Not everyone picks up and retains information at the same rate. Especially with different ages. Private piano lessons for preschoolers are much more helpful than group lessons due to the attention span of younger children and how easily distracted they can get.

Older children tend to pick up things at different paces, and it can be rough on kids learning slower, and a tad on the boring side for students who pick up different techniques more quickly and are wanting to move on to the next skill.

So would group classes be ideal for advance piano students? ....Advance students know what they are doing for the most part, they know how to read music, they understand a lot of the musical notations and music terms. BUT..... the more advance you are with the piano your need the individual attention to critique the intricate pieces of music you are now learning.

You're also able to pick up and learn to play the piano at a quicker pace because your teacher is able to help you when you need it. You don't have to wait for the class teacher to be done helping 4 other people before getting to you. Although you may feel less pressure because you are not the sole focus for your teacher, having your teacher's sole attention makes learning the piano so much less frustrating being able to have answers as you're needing them.... instead of waiting your turn. Besides, your teacher isn't judging you, they are just making sure they are teaching you as you go, instead of letting you get lost.

Which is the best choice for you??

If you are looking for a more of a social activity then group lessons are for you! If you are wanting a great musical education and the ability to learn the piano at your own pace, and learn the styles of music that you are interested in, than you would benefit with private piano lessons. Young students and advanced students would also benefit more from private lessons and would be an uphill battle trying to reach your goals with group classes.

In the end, although group piano lessons can be a fun alternative. You will receive a more complete music education from private lessons. And no matter what age or skill level you are as a pianist, the benefits of having your teacher all to yourself will help you become a more skilled pianist at a more rapid pace.

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