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Adults Learning To Play The PIano

Are Piano Lessons A Dream That You Want To Make A Reality?

Are you ready to start learning to play the piano?? Maybe it was something you always wanted to learn, or maybe you took lessons as a child and you stopped playing and want to pick it up again. Adults learning to play the piano is a source of great enjoyment and a good stress release from constant day-to-day adulting.

Piano Lessons For Adults in the East Valley

Piano Lessons For Adults In The East Valley.

Tammie's Music Studio has been teaching piano lessons for adults in the East Valley, AZ for over 20 years! It may be tough out there finding a piano teacher that has experience and who gears their lessons towards adults, but it does make a difference to find a piano teacher who does. Adults tend to move at a different pace than younger children who are learning to play the piano. Having already developed their fine motor skills and the ability to retain what they are learning, adults will generally move at a quicker pace. It's also a plus that adults can reach the pedals and you don't have to wait for their hands to grow before they start playing octaves and pieces with longer reaches.

Do Adults Need To Learn Music Theory???

Some adults that we have taught would rather not learn music theory, whereas others devour every single thing that they can possibly learn. Is it important for an adult to go through their music theory?? ....the answer will always be a yes. Why? Music theory is not just an activity book for young children, it literally teaches you to understand music and how to play it. Learning music theory will help you become a more technical pianist, as well as helping you bring out the beauty of the piece of music you are playing. So you'll always want to make sure your piano lessons include music theory.

What Are Some Benefits For Adults Learning To Play The Piano?

The benefits of learning to play the piano are endless. Besides being a huge stress release, learning to play the piano can help with your memory, depression, confidence, help keep your brain sharp, and I even had a student with Carpal tunnel syndrome swear that it was great therapy for him. In the end though, learning anything new is always great for anyone of any age.

Is It Harder To Learn To Play The Piano As An Adult?

Although it is harder to commit to the practice time without having a parent remind you to practice on a daily basis, adults tend to learn at a much more rapid pace than young students. Part of the reason is that it is the desire of the student themselves to learn how to play the piano, whereas, sometimes children aren't always fond of practicing and learning to play an instrument. With passion and desire to excel, learning anything will be much easier. In general I would say that adults excel at twice the pace of young children.

How To Find The Right Piano Teacher For YOU?

Do you already know what style and genre of music you'd like to learn how to play? Make sure you find a piano teacher that can teach the style of music you want to learn, but don't limit yourself to one style, classical piano should always be part of your lessons if you with to become a well-rounded pianist.

Find a piano teacher that teaches adults. Adult piano lessons should be different, with different studies than piano lessons for children.

Look for a piano teacher that not only teaches beginners, but advanced piano students as well. It is never fun to outgrow a teacher and have to start all over with a new one.

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