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Why Learn Classical Music: Learning To Play The Piano

How important is learning classical pieces for piano education?

Throughout the many years of teaching students to play the piano, I always recommend having a “classical education”. Whether it is a young beginner learning to play the piano or an advanced student who has been playing the piano for years. Some people naturally gravitate towards classical music whereas others it can be a little more challenging getting them to play classical music. I strongly believe that students who have a classical music education will end up learning to play the piano at a faster rate and also have a more complete piano education.

Classical Piano Music is harder than pop music.

That may seem like something that is more of a con rather than a pro for learning to play classical music BUT….. if you can play classical music other genres of music are much easier to read and play on the piano. Take the Baroque period in Classical Music, most of it is written with multiple melodies. It helps your eyes read notes more quickly and process while at the same time it is making your hands so much more agile and precise. Most music that is not modern classical music tend to be melody with a harmony, which is not nearly as exacting on your brain or skill level. Although of course learning all styles and genres of music is great for you to learn on the piano.

Having a classical piano education.

If you would like to make sure that you or your child are receiving a great piano education, classical training is the way to go! It will push you and help improve your skills in many ways including:

We’ve all seen pianists who are able to play the piano rapidly and it is so impressive, especially when you think about the pieces of music they are playing. If you would like to become an advanced pianist it is going to happen best with a classical piano education.

Starting children in piano lessons early and giving them classical music to work on with their weekly lessons will help them appreciate playing classical music as well. They really won’t think that they would rather not be playing classical music during their piano lessons. Giving your child a classical piano education will be something that benefits them both musically and culturally for the rest of their lives.

Learning from the Masters.

Whether you are a beginner learning to play the piano or advanced piano student, learning to play piano music from the Masters is great! You get to have a nice well rounded piano education and learn different styles of classical music. Learning the different technique styles of each classical period:

  • Baroque

  • Classical

  • Romantic

  • Modern Classical Music

Each period of classical music has it’s own unique styles and techniques that you will grow in your piano playing abilities and knowledge of each classical period.

Classical Piano lessons for toddlers.

Even if you wish to enroll your toddler in piano lessons, it IS possible for them to learn to play classical pieces as well. Did you know that Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was actually a classical piece composed my Mozart? Although classical pieces are simplified for younger piano students and beginners it is still great for them to learn how to play classical pieces. It stretches them and they learn more techniques and more theory learning to play classical pieces than if they just played pop music.

Piano teachers that teach toddlers know how to help them navigate through the music and help them with technique and rhythm, while also making it an enjoyable experience. They will also be very proud of themselves for what they have accomplished.

Don’t miss out on your piano education with a lack of classical training.

If you or your child are taking piano lessons don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn to play classical music! If you are looking to enroll in piano lessons, make sure that you will be having classical studies as part of your lessons. Don’t miss out and lack classical music in your piano lessons. Give yourself the tools you need to become an advanced pianist. You will be so happy that you took the time and effort to become a classically trained pianist.

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