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Piano Lessons For Homeschoolers In Arizona

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Having piano lessons is a great subject to add to any homeschoolers education. Parents who homeschool their children are also lucky to be able to choose what type of music education that their child will receive. Homeschooled children often have more availability to be able to practice on their instrument as well.

Which Instrument Should I Start My Child With?

If you have had experience with music lessons then you probably already have a good idea where to begin, but if it is a new world for you then you might want to think about the following when deciding on which instrument your child should start with:

  • How old is your child?

  • How long do you intend on having your child enrolled in music lessons?

  • Is your child interested in learning a specific instrument?

  • Do you have any goals in mind for your child's musical journey?

If your child is young than you should always start them with piano lessons. You can't go wrong starting with the piano. The skills you learn with piano lessons will help your child excel with other instruments should they decide to pursue them at a later time.

I have had many homeschooled students taking piano lessons as a part of their education through graduation. Many of those students who continued piano lessons become part of their church's worship band and are asked to join because of the years they have spent developing their skills with the piano.

If your child isn't interested in any specific instrument but you would like them to receive a good music education, piano lessons is the perfect choice. All music theory is developed around the piano. Also, if your child ever decides to pursue a degree in music later on, piano will be a required subject.

Helping Your Homeschooled Child Excel At The Piano.

Tammie's Music Studio has been giving piano lessons for homeschoolers in Arizona since 1992. With many years of playing the piano and teaching piano she has helped homeshooled children succeed with their music education and the dreams that they have of performing and continuing on with music at college. Tammie believes that every student has the potential to become great at the piano and reach however high of goals that they wish to set for themselves, and she gives those students the tools they need and teaches them how to get there.

Although many piano teachers teach the basic piano skills, Tammie's Music Studio makes sure that their piano students not only know who to read notes and play the piano, but also gives them a solid education in Music Theory and Technique. The biggest difference between being good at the piano and becoming great at playing the piano is having a vast knowledge in music theory. Being able to understand the dynamics and articulation indicated in the piece of music you are playing. Just as important as knowing your music theory is having good technique playing the piano and honing your skills so that you can execute a piece of music to your best ability. Working on your technique and doing it properly will give your playing a piece of piano music from just playing a song, to performing a masterpiece.

Tammie has helped many of her students reach high levels of excellence by helping them succeed in pageants, formal parties, events, church worship bands, and even being chosen to perform for the homeschool graduation ceremonies in Arizona. She believes in giving her homeshooling piano students not only an amazing music education, but also keeping the piano lessons fun and helping students find a passion for learning to play the piano. Tammie's Music Studio offers piano lessons for homeschoolers from beginners to advanced piano students.

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