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Picking The Perfect First Instrument

Learn to play the piano gilbert, az

Why Learning To Play The Piano Is The Perfect Choice For Your First Instrument

When you first get the desire to learn to play an instrument, or your child shows interest in learning a musical instrument, you really do have plenty of options to choose from. Having a solid foundation in the piano will be extremely helpful to any music student if they decide to pursue different instruments in their future though.

Top reasons to learn how to play the piano first.

Learning to read multiple staffs.

When learning to read piano music you will be learning to read to different staffs. You will be learning to read music in both Bass and Treble Clefs. If you decide to expand to other instruments this will help you because those are the two most common with instruments. Although, with other instruments you will only be reading off of one staff.

Music Theory is based around the piano.

Music theory is another extremely important part of any music education. If you wish to truly learn how to play any instrument, learning your music theory is vital. All music theory is based off of the piano though, so if you are taking piano lessons learning music theory is going to be a lot easier to comprehend. Although, no matter what instrument you would like to learn, you will want a solid music theory education to go with it. Because music theory is actually a very important thing to learn and have a solid comprehension of, you will find how the more theory you learn, the easier it will be to read music and understand it as a whole instead of note by note.

You are able to start your music training at an earlier age.

Some instruments you have to wait until your child is physically able to handle the instrument. Say if your child would like to learn how to play the guitar, at young ages they are not actually able to fully handle a guitar, or the responsibility of tuning/replacing strings if they need to do so. If you would like music lessons for young children, you would definitely want to start them with the piano. That way if they have dreams of learning to play other instruments, they will already understand how to read music, understand rhythm, dynamics, etc. and have a much easier time quickly excelling when they do start to learn another instrument.

There are also many benefits of learning to play the piano at an early age which includes developing your ear for music. It also helps with other developmental skills for early childhood, such as coordination, focus, problem solving skills, fine motor skills and so much more.

Learn to accompany yourself.

For many singers it can be quite trying to practice singing your music without an accompanist. Having the ability to play the piano means that when you are singing you are able to play your melody line that you are practicing and you don’t have to wait for your lesson time to sing with a piano. You will be able to do it for yourself, which will also help you excel at a faster pace and be a lot less frustrating. As with every new skill that you are learning or perfecting anything that makes it even a tad bit easier is a huge bonus.

Learning to play the piano is a benefit that will last a lifetime.

Whether learning to play the piano and become great at it is your passion, or you would like to master multiple instruments, learning to play the piano as your first instrument will greatly benefit you.

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