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Learn To Play The Piano Online?

Learn To Play The Piano Online?

Today is the time where if you want to learn something you go to the Internet. Just look up some music tutorials or check out some "how to" You Tube videos. So can you get a great music education online? Can you learn how to play an instrument on You Tube? There are a few great things about trying to learn to play the piano online.

  • You get to sit down and do it whenever you feel like it. You don’t have to wait for your weekly lesson.

  • The second is the very simple reason of it’s free. You can’t really beat free.

  • You only play what you want to learn.

Is learning to play the piano online really easier?

It is no small task for beginners learning to play the piano, guitar or any instrument. Not only do you have to learn the aspects and functions of your instrument, but how to read music, understand music theory AND there is proper technique in your movements or the way you play the piano. Often times when young children are learning to play the piano it is very difficult for them to retain the knowledge and it helps having an experienced piano teacher to help refresh and give them information in a way that they understand. Every student learns in their own way.

Watching tutorials online you may try to mimic what you see, but it lacks the ability of a real piano teacher to correct your hand posture, the way you use the pedal and fingering (which is very important). Having a piano teacher there to show you and explain subtle differences and technique is invaluable. You will find that it is much easier to learn when you have someone teaching you the right way. Whether you are a beginner that needs to be shown, or perhaps even moved so that the method is performed correctly; or you are an advanced piano student who is trying to perfect and master advanced music it is very helpful to have a skillful piano teacher who is able to critique you correctly.

There is not one way fits all. Every person learns in their own unique way. An excellent piano teacher studies their student and customizes each lesson in order to reach their student. When watching tutorials for learning how to play the piano online, you can’t ask them to explain a concept that you didn’t understand… you will have to try and look that up as well. The whole process is extremely time consuming and takes a lot more patience than it would to just ask your teacher what you are supposed to do, or what does that music term or symbol mean.

Enjoy playing the piano

You probably think, but I want to learn to play only what I want to learn, and a piano teacher wouldn't do that. You are right, you still need to learn technique, music theory and how to read music before you get to those songs you love. Tammie’s Music Studio loves letting all our piano students, from beginner through advanced students, learn to play pieces of music that they are interested in. Not only do our talented piano teachers customize lessons so that the student enjoys learning, but they make sure that there is technique behind it and that the student is able to play it correctly.

I'll be able to progress at the piano faster online

Because you don't have to wait for your weekly lesson you'll be able to learn so much faster! You'll pick up more songs and be proficient in no time at all.

  • But will you actaully push yourself to learn new music?

  • Will you make sure that you play it correctly?

  • Will you advance as fast as you could if someone were making sure you kept up

with your musical sutdies?

  • Are you sure that you are playing the piece of music accuately?

  • Will you get frustrated at something you don't understand and give up? Or move to something else?

Having a piano lesson weekly gives you the amount of time to work on several pieces of music and master them. Having a piano teacher will keep you accountable to play your piece of music correctly. Not just good enough, or you think you got it right. Sometimes you may not even know that you were doing something incorrect.

Having traditional, weekly, in person piano lessons will help you learn to play the piano faster than trying to learn to play the piano online. You are taught things as you play, you are pushed to learn new techniques correctly. You are taught to sight read instead of relying on copying what you saw on a video by mimicking the keys the press. It will be very difficult to become an advanced level pianist without proper instruction.

Can my child learn to play piano online?

Some kids are able to pick up some things via You Tube. But because there are questions, the video won't be able to help them like a piano teacher could. If a child has a question a piano teacher can explain and demonstrate to the child until they understand and can perform the task.

It is very overwhelming for a child to learn an instrument. Whether the child had passion to begin with it can soon be tainted and turned to a dislike because of frustration of not being able to grasp something. Piano lessons for young children are taught in a way that is fun but also that they are able to understand. Varying on each student’s age and skill level piano lessons are customized to fit their learning styles and progress at a rate that is optimal for their success!

It's probably more for the parents and grandparents rather than the children. But an added benefit of piano lessons of the recitals. You really don't want to miss out on those. Recitals give students of all ages and skill levels to perform for audiences. It helps motivate students to reach a level of perfection and mastery of pieces of music.

You will not get an excellent piano education trying to learn to play the piano online. You will be missing concepts in your technique as well as not having a foundation in music theory. Our skillful and talented piano teachers have been giving piano lessons in Mesa, Az for over ten years and are ready to help students of all ages and skill levels learn to play the piano!

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