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Having A Serious Music Education: Can Learning To Play An Instrument Still Be Fun?

Is there such a thing as fun and serious music lessons?

Everyone is different when it comes to what they are looking for when they are wanting to learn to play an instrument. Depending on what kind of instrument that you are wanting to pick also has some say as to what style of lessons you are looking for. When parents start thinking about enrolling their child in music lessons there are a couple things that they should keep in mind while searching for the best music teacher.

  • What are your goals for your music education?

  • What kind of music education are you looking for? Are you wanting a serious music education or are you just wanting your child to experience some exposure to learning an instrument?

  • Are you thinking of long-term and having it become a part of your child’s education, or just an activity for a year or so?

What are your goals?

You may think to yourself, well to learn to play the piano or guitar…. but there is more to it than that. If you are wanting a serious music education you may also want to look at what is included in the music lessons. Ideally you would like to find someone that incudes technique and music theory. Without either of those you will not be getting a serious music education. You may learn how to play notes but you will never be great at playing. If your goal is to play the guitar in a band or your church’s worship team, you will definitely need to learn your music theory. You will not understand how to switch keys or understand the music language that is needed to communicate effectively.

Technique is all about your style, accuracy and being able to do so in an effortless way. We’ve all heard the difference between someone playing with good technique and someone lacking in that area, it may be the same song and the same instrument, but it makes a huge difference.

I want a great music education, but I want my child to have fun.

Yes, you can have a serious music education and still make it a fun and patient atmosphere. When it comes to piano lessons, and you think of a serious piano education, you might think of extremely strict and rigid piano teachers. It doesn’t have to be like that. A great and serious piano education simply means that you will having a complete piano education. Music Theory will be a part of your piano lessons as well as learning technique. You will also have classical piano studies. Depending on the parents and students, practice will also be expected on a more consistent basis.

Having a piano teacher that teaches all these things will be able to help a student from beginner piano lessons through advanced piano lessons. If you have a teacher who does not have a solid background in music theory you will end up missing a very important part of your music education as well as outgrowing that piano teacher.

Even young students wanting to learn to play the piano can begin with a great music education. As with learning everything you start at the beginning and work your way to more advanced concepts and pieces of music. Whether you are an adult wanting to take piano lessons, have your preschooler take piano lessons or any age in the middle; you can have an amazing and complete piano education if you find a qualified piano teacher.

Let your music teacher know your goals

No matter what your goals or wishes are for your music education. If you wish to have a great experience let your music teacher know. If you wish to move at a slow pace or are wanting to push yourself. Every person is different in how they learn best, and knowing that will help you have the best experience and give you the best music lessons.


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