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8 Tips To Become A Better Musician!

8 Tips To Become A Better Musician!

Everyone who plays, or wants to play, an instrument; wants to excel at playing an instrument. Whether for their own personal enjoyment, for a future career in teaching music or performing. So how can you become a talented musician?

1 – Take lessons from an experienced and skilled music teacher.

It is not easy to learn how to play an instrument, whether you are wanting to learn how to play the piano, guitar, drums or any other instrument. You want to make sure that the style and techniques you are using are correct, it is so much harder to relearn than to learn it correctly in the first place.

When looking for a music teacher for beginners or advanced students make sure that you know what kind of music education you are looking for. Do you want a classical education? Do you want more modern pop/rock sort style music lessons? Most experienced music teachers will be able to customize lessons towards whatever style or genre of music you like, while still pushing you to become familiar and good at different musical styles as well. While taking lessons allow yourself to be pushed by your music teacher, because they are trying to help you grow.

2 – Learning Music Theory is very important.

Even though most music students want to spend their time playing their instrument, don’t forget that learning music theory is one of the most important parts of an excellent music education. While you are taking music lessons theory should have it’s part in the lesson. When you are learning to play the piano you will find it much easier to read two staffs and multiple voices.

Music theory, just like learning to play and instrument, is a gradual process. You will start with basics of rhythm, counting, note names and as you excel at the piano or guitar you will also find that your theory is more complicated as well. Keeping up with your music theory studies will help you analyze music and create music of your own. If you dream of being a lead guitarist in a band music theory will help you with knowing your key changes and other communications of the band.

If you would like to become a skilled advanced pianist you will need to know your music theory. Classically trained pianists have an extensive amount of theory knowledge and education. If you would like to play advance classical music you will need to learn what everything means or you will be missing out on your notes and expression.

3 – Make sure you practice on a consistent basis.

Practice is super important when it comes to excelling at playing an instrument. Even if you make sure to go through all of your pieces of music that your music teacher assigns to you, you will find that you are gaining technical skills and sight reading ability. Your muscle memory will also be improving as well. Whether you are taking piano lessons for beginners or advanced students you will find that you learn faster and you are more skilled the more you practice.

4 – Technique, learn to play the right way.

When you watch your favorite musician you think to yourself, “look how easy it is, their hands move so fast and freely.” and so you should be able to just go at it too, right? Professional musicians take many hours practicing and improving their technique. With the proper technique your hands will move faster and have control over the notes and tones.

Without proper technique playing the piano or guitar can sound like just a chaotic bunch of unpleasant noises. We’ve all heard it before. Having a great music teacher for beginners will help ease students into the control over their rhythm, tempo, dynamics and tone. Taking piano lessons for advanced students your technique is more intricate and your pieces of music harder. You will be thankful for a guiding hand helping you.

5 – Sight Reading, the more you play the more you can play.

During your music lessons your teacher will be having you play a variety of music, with the hope that you will master most and move on to more pieces of music. The more music you play and read the faster that your sight reading skills will grow. Being able to read new music and play with a decent amount of practice is what musicians strive for. After all, you wouldn’t like listening to a band that only playing a couple pieces of music ever.

6 – Tempo, tempo.

Having control and even, steady beats is very important. You will never be able to play duets, accompaniments or in bands if you do not know how to keep your beat. Your music teacher will help you advance by having you play with a metronome. Having music lessons that taught you how to use a metronome as a beginner is also very helpful.

7 – Perform for others every once in a while.

Playing for yourself is one thing, playing in front of other people is completely different. Not everyone suffers from stage fright but a majority of music students do. Having young beginner music students is usually a great time for recitals because generally less stage fright and the pieces of music are shorter. Playing in front of other people, whether formal recitals or for a group of your family and friends can help build your confidence with your instrument.

8 – Don’t give up.

When you learn to play the guitar, piano or other instruments there will always be times where it feels too hard. You will be learning a technique that you feel you will never be able to master, or a piece of music that you just feel no one on earth could possible play it. Don’t give up, once you are over that hurdle you will be so glad and you will have it. You will hopefully always be growing and learning new things, some will be easy and some will be the hardest thing on earth. But you’ll be better for learning it.

Whether you have a natural born talent for music or just really enjoy learning to play an instrument, if you put in the work for it, you will learn to become great at it! Tammie owner of Tammie’s Music Studio has been helping students become skilled pianists and guitarists in the Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler area of Arizona since 1991. She knows that everyone who desires to learn to play the piano or guitar can become great at it, given the proper music instruction and guidance.

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