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Piano Lessons For Adults In Mesa, Az

Can I learn to play the piano as an adult?

Piano lessons are not just for kids! Adults of all stages of life can learn to play the piano, and become very proficient at the piano. Many adults find it very therapeutic learning to play the piano. Tammie’s Music Studio knows that everyone can learn to play the piano, it just takes the right teacher and the right method to help reach each student’s style of learning. There are many benefits for adults learning to play the piano.

  • Learning to play the piano can be very relaxing and is a great stress release after a long day.

  • Adults taking piano lessons have the same benefit as children; learning an instrument builds connections in the brain.

  • Adults can retain more information at one time.

Tammie’s Music Studio has been teaching students of all ages, 3 years old through adults, how to play the piano since 1991. Piano lessons for adults does require a different method of teaching than the methods used for children learning to play the piano. Tammie has developed course studies to help each student be able to achieve their desired goal of learning to play the piano. Adults can choose to opt for a classical piano education or modern piano lessons.

Piano lessons for adults.

No matter how old you are all piano lessons do include the following musical instruction:

  • Music Theory

  • Technique

  • Sight Reading

If you are a complete beginner or have had some piano lessons as a child and are looking to pick it up again, Tammie will help custom tailor your lessons so that you can see swift results while having a fun experience. Believing that students learn their best in a low stress environment; she implements that ideal to help the learning process.

Learning music theory is very important and will help you learn to read and understand music at a more rapid rate than if you were learning to play the piano without learning music theory. Not all music teachers include theory as a part of their lessons. But the importance of learning music theory will benefit you and help you understand how to read music, write music, understanding terms and be able to play what sheet music is instructing you to do.

During each one-on-one private music lesson Tammie helps students learn proper technique. Showing you how to correctly play pieces of music you wish to learn. Help you with rhythm, tempo, touch, expression, tone and all the technique that is needed to beautifully master playing the piano. Tammie’s Music Studio has extremely knowledgeable piano teachers that will teach you how to apply proper technique and give you a music education that will help you learn how to play the piano with grace and control.

With our expert piano teachers you can learn a variety of music styles and genres. You will also be exposed to music to help expand your knowledge and improve your skill level.

Now is a great time to start taking piano lessons!

One of the many perks to taking piano lessons as an adult is the fact that you wish to learn. Being open to learning makes retaining information so much easier! Many adults think that learning to play the piano is only for kids, or that they would not be able to learn how to play the piano. Playing the piano is something that anyone can learn how to do, given the proper instruction and education! Everyone wants to learn at a different pace, and if you are wanting a fast progression or you are looking for a leisurely learning experience for a relaxation therapy, you will be happy to find that your needs and desires are accommodated.

Check out Tammie’s piano lessons for adults in Mesa, Az.

Tammie’s Music Studio offers piano lessons for adults of all skill levels. Knowing that adult life can vary and adults do not always have the same schedule as kids in school, piano lessons are offered throughout the day earlier for those who are retired or have a day off. If you’re an adult wanting to learn how to play the piano in the Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler Az area, you will not find a better music education than Tammie’s Music Studio.

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