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Classical Piano Music: Learning To Become Great

What kind of music is best to learn on the piano?

Classical music will always be the best music genre to learn to play on the piano. The skill and technique that is used in classical music is rarely seen in modern music and pop music. Music that you hear on the radio is more about being able to sing with it, so there is a lot less going on in terms of the technique that you would use on the piano.

One of the great things about learning classical music on the piano is also that there is an abundant amount of music and styles that you can look through and learn. Maybe you will discover that you love the Baroque, Classical, Romantic or Contemporary Classical Periods. Each has their own distinct style of music and techniques that you can learn to recognize and maybe even start developing preferences on composers.

Can Beginners learn to play classical music on the piano?

Depending on the age of the beginner and how much of a beginner you are, you may play a wide range of classical music.

For the young piano beginner you may find that learning simplified classical music easier and much more effective to the learning style and hand size of the students. For older beginners or students that have been taking piano lessons for a year or so there are classical piano pieces that are just a little more to that level, and you will be able to learn a “real classical piece” without anything being simplified.

You will also be surprised on how many pieces of classical piano music you recognize once you start playing them. It is quite often that a young piano student will tell me that they recognize different pieces of classical music from one of their favorite cartoons. Not only the complex hand movements but also the fact that they recognize the pieces make learning classical music extremely fun for children learning to play the piano.

Why is learning classical music on the piano so important?

If you truly wish to become great at the piano, you will have a hard time gaining the level of technique without playing classical music and only playing pop music. Instead of focusing on a harmony and melody you would be focusing on sometimes multiple melody lines. If you also ever wish to major in piano at a school you will find that they have you play classical music. If you have already had years and years of piano lessons learning to play classical music you will find the task much more easily to accomplish.

They more classical music you play you may also start to find that playing the piano in general is a little bit easier. You may start to notice that you don’t read every note on the sheet of music you are playing, but that you are noticing patterns and are able to play music at a faster speed and also learn to play music in a shorter amount of time.

Why is classical music so much more difficult to play?

They don’t refer to classical composers as “The Masters” for no reason. Their goal was to create music that you had never heard of before, to make them more complex so that it was impressive to watch. And harder for others to play. It wasn’t about creating a fun tune that everyone could sing along to. They wanted to create masterpieces that would insure their livelihood.

That is why if you take the time to learn to play classical piano music you will be able to become a more advanced pianist. So whether you have taken piano lessons for a lengthy amount of time and you wish to now advance yourself with classical music or you are looking to start taking piano lessons, make sure that your piano lessons include a classical piano education. Receiving a classical piano education will help you reach those levels of greatness that you could wish to strive for! And yes, learning to play classical music on the piano is for everyone.

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