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Finding Cheap Guitar Lessons: Why Finding A “Good Deal” Isn’t Always Worth It

How to decide which guitar lessons to go with?

When people start their search for music lessons, whether they are looking for guitar lessons, piano lessons, drum lessons etc., A lot of people are concerned with how much the tuition is first. Although finding guitar lessons that are within your budget is of course a factor, you should also keep in mind why some guitar teachers charge more than others.

First step is finding a great guitar teacher

Instead of looking at tuition rates first, you should be thinking about what kind of lessons you are looking for for yourself or your child. Is the instructor for beginners only or will they be able to help your child advance in their musical skills for the duration of their guitar lessons. Are they good with just children or adults? What is the guitar teacher’s credentials? Have they had years of formal training? How long have they been teaching for? What do the guitar lessons include?

When you are calling around trying to find a teacher that fits your needs you should find it very important that the guitar teacher knows their instrument and knows how to teach. Having a guitar teacher that is very involved in the music community and with teaching knows what the going rates are for music lessons, and considering a superior guitar lessons will include technique and music theory, a well-qualified guitar teacher will have no problems charging the going rate for guitar lessons.

If they are teaching guitar lessons than they must be qualified.

Some people received some guitar instruction or even taught themselves how to play. They might be able to play well enough by ear but they lack the background to give anyone a great guitar education. You might be having your child take for years and they will not have the knowledge, skill or technique that a qualified guitar teacher will be giving to their students.

Having a guitar teacher that is amazing at playing their instrument AND is a great guitar teacher is even more difficult to find. Teaching someone is an art of how to teach them in a way that they understand. A great guitar teacher studies their students and customizes their lessons to fit the unique learning style of each of their students. At the same time, one student might do better be repeating what they hear, while another one prefers to read music. No matter how they prefer to learn they will also be trained to become good at those points they may have difficulties with.

If your guitar teacher doesn’t teach theory… you'll be lacking a great music education.

One of the most important things of having a great music education if making sure that you receive a music theory as part of your guitar lessons. If you don’t have music theory you will never understand music and you will have a hard time trying to figure out what exactly you are supposed to be doing and playing. If you ever desire to write music on your own, you will need to know how to do that, and the only way you are going to be able to do that is if you know your music theory. Any highly qualified guitar teacher that has had years of formal training should have a significant knowledge of music theory. However not all teachers like to teach music theory, but if you wish to receive the best

Becoming great at the guitar!

If you are really wishing to become great at playing the guitar than the first step is to find high quality guitar lessons! Yes, you will not be able to find a qualified guitar teacher at a discounted price, but it is better that you are learning what you need to learn rather than to take lessons from a guitar teacher that lacks the skills and knowledge to train students to become great at the guitar.

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