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What Makes Tammie's Music Studio So Much Better Than Other Music Studios?

What Makes Tammie's Music Studio So Much Better Than Other Music Studios?

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Gifted or not, it really takes years before someone can fully master his or her craft. And whether its sports, art, business or music, a coach or mentor plays a key role in guiding the student from step one all the way up to the championship rounds.

This basic learning philosophy has always been in the hearts and minds of the piano and guitar instructors at Tammie’s Music Studio located in Mesa AZ, Gilbert AZ and Chandler AZ. The piano lessons and guitar lessons of this music company doesn’t rely on basic and generic curriculums taught at most typical music schools or online classes. Music teachers at this company believe that mastery and skills cannot just be learned and developed thru music books and video clips on YouTube or DVDs alone.

We Teach from the Heart and Soul:

What makes us so much better than other music studios is our approach towards learning. Tammie’s Music Studio highly values the experience and expertise of its talanted and most advanced piano and guitar teachers which cannot be matched by a 30-minute guitar lesson video clip or even tons of free download files on piano lessons. Our pianists and guitarists interactively teach their students from their heart and soul along with years of hands-on experience.

We Share Essential and Advanced Guitar Techniques:

We’ve always been fascinated with how solo performers and popular bands perform live on stage during concerts or TV show guesting. Most especially the lead guitarists, the acoustic duos, and the bass guitar players, they all perform great on their instruments. They are a true inspiration to the younger generations as well as to the guitar teachers at Tammie’s Music Studio.

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Tammie’s Music Studio is here not only to teach guitar lessons for kids and adults; we’re also here to mentor the future members of America’s famous music bands. We’re here to offer our guitar lessons aimed at teaching kids and adult students the basic to advanced level of playing different styles of guitar music. Whether your passion is rock, pop, classical, blues, country, jazz and everything in between, we can help you make that dream a reality.

Our guitar teachers are active in the music industry from live performances to writing and recording their own music. You will often find them performing at local venues. These are the main reasons why our guitar instructors can teach you all the essential and advanced guitar skills. At Tammie’s Music Studio, you will learn strumming techniques, transcribing, scales and modes, ear training, chords, theory and master classes. Rhythm, lead or blues guitar techniques, you can learn them all here.

We are Home to the Best Pianists in Arizona:

Everything from piano theory, piano scales, piano lessons, any music genre you could wish to learn, and formal recitals through the year; Tammie’s Music Studio will teach them to you. We are well-known for providing piano lessons for kids and adults in Mesa, AZ for many years. And today, we want to take it into the next level. Our piano studios also cater to the surrounding areas: Queen Creek AZ, Scottsdale AZ, Apache Junction AZ, and Phoenix AZ.

What distinguishes Tammie’s Music Studio from other piano studios across Arizona are our tailor-made piano programs. Designed for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners, we combine the right instruments with the right lessons with the best piano teacher. We believe that the right student-teacher chemistry can speed up the learning process of students. Remember that our piano studios cater learners as young as 3 and has no age limit for aspiring musicians to make their dreams of learning music come true. We guarantee that each student's individual needs are assessed by our teachers and that the lessons are tailored to fit those needs to make the most enjoyable learning experience possible.

We Have the Greatest Pianist in the House:

Tammie Williams our talented piano instructor is inviting you to visit our studios today. She will personally welcome you, and looks forward to the opportunity to become your personal piano instructor, piano coach, piano advisor, and even your friend. Here is what Tammie wants you to know:

“From private piano and guitar lessons to practical theory, in our fully equipped classrooms, Tammie's Music Studio will find the way to bring the love of music into your life.”

And that’s what makes us so much better than other music studios in the country.

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