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Piano Lessons for Beginners in Mesa, AZ

Piano Lessons for Beginners in Mesa, Arizona

Tammie's Music Studio is a wonderful place to learn how to play the piano. Piano lessons are offered to students as young as three years old, as well as, guitar and drum lessons for children as young as eight years old. Although there is no set time as to when you should begin your musical journey, it goes without saying that the younger you start the more skill and knowledge you will have. Tammie's Music Studio has been helping students of all ages learn how to become talented musicians, and helping give them the guidance they need to pursue whatever music endeavor they choose to pursue including: majoring in music, church bands, competitions, and learning to play for their own personal enrichment. Starting piano lessons.

Whether you had lessons when you were a child and are now passing this experience on to your children, or you have never had any musical training and this is a whole new world that you aren't sure what is expected or how it works. Tammie makes sure that everyone feels welcome and at ease. Beginning with your first lesson Tammie will make sure that your lessons are tailored to fit each student's need, style of learning, and what they are interested.

When should I start my child in piano lessons?

Starting your kids young in piano lessons have many advantages. There are some signs that let you know your child is ready for piano lessons. Your child should be able to have an attention span that would let them enjoy a 30 min lesson. Sometimes a 3 year old is able and ready for this and sometimes not until they are 4 or 5. Every child is different, but you want to make sure that learning is fun and not push them before they are capable of that level of concentration. You also want to make sure that they are able to communicate and at least recognize letters. Since music is comprised of letters A-G and numbers.

Just like all other milestones in your child's life, your child will be ready to start music lessons when they are physically and emotionally ready. The benefits for starting your children in piano lessons at an early age is wonderful!

There is no age limit regarding learning how to play the piano! Learning to play the piano has the same benefits for any age including better memory and a great source of relaxation after a stressful day. If learning the piano has always been a dream of yours to learn how to play Tammie's Music Studio is the right place for you! Tammie customizes every piano lesson to fit the need of each student, including adult beginners.

Benefits of piano lessons.

Creativity - Yes, music is about being able to master and skillfully perform the music set before you with the directions pretty plainly set out. From tempo, volume, even where and how to place your hands. BUT, music also is about expression. When you are playing music you are trying to express and convey emotions and stories to your listeners. Learning the skills that you need to compose your own works of art. To create beautiful music from your own mind. The possibilities are endless.

Personal Growth – As you see your skills grow in the instrument you are learning to play, you will feel a great sense of personal achievement. Learning and growing in any aspect of you or your child’s life is always a wonderful feeling and helps boost self-esteem. As with any thing that you try to grow your ability with. When you see the growth and your skill improving, you will also be growing your self-confidence levels. How can you not? It feels good to succeed.

Coordination and fine motor skills are developed as your fingers learn to master the movements in a gracefully controlled manner. Every finger, move of the wrist, posture and body movement is part of perfecting your instrument. I once had a parent say that their kids were so good at football because of taking piano lessons had taught them how to have more control of their fingers.

Your concentration and ability to focus will also start to strengthen. When you first start out learning you wonder and kind of laugh to yourself that it is so short and easy. As you move along in your music studies the music gets longer and more intricate. With all this going on it would have been an overload for your brain when you first began, and it would have been hard to focus and stay focused. But as your pieces get longer so does your ability to stay focused, this isn't a bad thing to carry on to your everyday life as well. You might even notice it carrying over to your children’s studies.

You might also see some wonderful benefits with your memory. Especially if you like trying to memorize your music.

Fun - Need I say more? Probably not, but I'm going to anyways. There is so much in this world that you have to do, work, chores, school, etc. and most of the time it wouldn't really be labeled as "fun". Music is a great way to have fun and a stress releaser. That's why it's important to find a music teacher that wants you to have fun while getting a solid education. You want to make sure you or your child clicks and doesn't feel judged or nervous, otherwise the desire to learn will be harder to find. Plus let's face it, it's always nice to find an activity that we not only love but that is also something that pushes and grows us.

Tammie's Music Studio, would love to meet you and help you become the pianist you've always wanted to be!

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