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How Does Playing Piano Help Children With Disabilities?

How Does Playing Piano Help Children With Disabilities?

As a parent, enrolling your children in piano lessons is probably one of the most gratifying investments that you can ever make. Aside from the fact that playing instruments like the piano can enhance our brain’s health and functionality, it can also give our sons and daughters better career opportunities as well as higher quality of life.

Research Studies:

Many studies have proven that music affects our brain in many positive ways. Upon discovering that the components of music are pitch, harmony, melody and rhythm – waves that vibrate at various frequencies, scientists agree that music really enhances our brain. According to the website Quantum Jumping, “One study conducted by the University of California at Irvine showed that pre-school age children who received daily lessons for either playing a musical instrument or singing were significantly better able to complete a puzzle than those who did not receive the training”.

Goal of Helping Children With Special Needs:

When Tammie Williams decided to enter into the business of music, she had a big goal in mind. She wanted to teach children with mental disabilities like Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) with piano lessons. Every psychologist and neurologist knows that supervising children who are hyperactive and who are unable to control their impulses is not an easy responsibility for music teachers. But over the years, Tammie and the piano instructors at Tammie’s Music Studio have proven that teaching music can be fun no matter who their students are. With Tammie’s over 20 years of teaching experience and continuous guidance and support from her great piano teachers, lots of children with such learning disabilities were able to learn music at Tammie’s Music Studios.

3 Ways Playing a Musical Instrument Helps a Child:

According to an article published in Health & Wellness Blog, learning to play the piano affects the child’s brain in three ways. One, as it has long-term effect on verbal memory as it enhances the learning ability of a child, particularly the motor and auditory skills. Two, taking piano lessons enhances neuroplasticity or the ability of the brain to change or function way better. Three, learning piano at a young age can improve the spatial temporal reasoning of the child which leads to a significant reduction in stress and anxiety as he or she grows older. Also based on the article, teaching children right before they reach the age of 12 can increase their chances of becoming not only excellent musicians but also smart, disciplined and dedicated individuals.

Pick an Experienced Music Teacher:

As a music company that offers well-curated kids piano lessons in Mesa AZ, Tammie’s Music Studio is fully aware of all these extensively-acclaimed benefits of music into our life, most especially to the young ones. When they launched their piano and guitar lessons for kids, Tammie noticed the increasing enrollments of children with disabilities. This convinced Tammie that she’s absolutely not alone in her goal of giving children with ADD, ADHD, and other special needs students a chance of proving their musical talent and skills to the world. Hundreds of parents in Mesa AZ, Gilbert AZ, Chandler AZ, and Queen Creek, AZ have also the same vision as Tammie, they want to enhance their children’s brain through music.

Today, Tammie and her co-teachers are teaching piano and guitar lessons almost everywhere in Arizona. Tammie’s Music Studio already provides music theory all across the state of Arizona teaching kids, adults and families with engaging music programs at affordable tuition rates. They are determined to enhance the focus, mental clarity, memory, fine motor skills, hand coordination and confidence of their every student.

And here’s Tammie’s advice: “When you as a parent bring your kids to Tammie’s Music Studios, the positive returns on your investment can be endless".

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